Friday, January 24, 2014


From the Church News - April 14, 2012: Marc A. and Julee K. Bernhisel, previously assigned to the Thailand Bangkok Mission, have been reassigned to the North Carolina Raleigh Mission.
David M. and Shelly A. Senior, previously assigned to the North Carolina Raleigh Mission, have been reassigned to the Thailand Bangkok Mission.

From the Church News - March 17, 2012 - David Mark Senior, 51, and Shelly Marie Allen Senior, four children, Northpoint Ward, Mesa Arizona Citrus Heights Stake. Brother Senior serves as high priest group instructor and secretary. He is a former high councilor, bishop, counselor in a bishopric, Young Men president and missionary in the Japan Nagoya Mission. CEO, Concentus Global. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Rowland Clement and Lois Jeanne Vincent Senior. Sister Senior serves as a counselor in a Young Women presidency and is a former Primary president, Young Women president, Young Women adviser, Relief Society teacher and seminary teacher. Born in Rome, N. Y., to Mabel Jean Watkins and Owen Woodruff Allen, Jr.

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