Thursday, August 28, 2014

Senior Missionaries

The August 2014 photograph  below shows some of the Senior Missionaries at President and Sister Seniors apartment for a farewell to Elder and Sister Manning and a welcome to their replacements Elder and Sister Smith for Public Affairs.  Also leaving for America is Sister and Elder Seansuwan currently 1st counselor to President Senior. We had a delightful dinner - all contributed.  Sister Moleff made bread which everyone enjoyed.

L-t-R:  Smiths (Arriving PA), Moleffs (FH), Seniors (Mission President), Seansuwans (1st Counselor to Mission President), Mannings (Leaving PA), Seppis (PEF & SR) , Goodsons (Humanitarian - to be leaving next month; this is their 5th mission and 2nd in Thailand) Elder and Sister Sowers (MLS, he is also Branch President in Ayutthaya - also to be leaving next month) and Elder and Sister Meeker (Office Missionaries)

Photograph of August 2014 Thailand Bangkok Mission Presidency.
Left to Right - Mani Seansuwan 1st Counselor (Leaving for America), 
President David M. Senior and Wisan Wisanbannawit 
Second Counselor and Director of the Thailand Service Center

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sampran Riverside-Thai Village Cultural Show

Sampran Riverside (formerly known as Rose Garden Riverside) is a family-run property close to Bangkok, where visitors can experience authentic Thai way of life and learn about our local wisdom. For decades it has been considered one of Bangkok’s favorite attractions because of the obvious dedication to preserving Thailand’s natural and cultural heritage by engaging with the local community. It all began in 1962, when one family cultivated roses to supply them to Bangkok flower markets and their garden of blossoming roses attracted visitors who then referred to the place as ‘Suan Sampran’ or ‘the Rose Garden’. Since then, with the family’s unique vision and under the care of three generations, Sampran Riverside has grown gradually to a 70-acre riverside property that is more like a community rather than a ‘typical’ resort.
Today our facilities in the property include a 4 star riverside hotel with 160 rooms, 6 antique Thai houses around a serene lake, Arusaya Spa, 4 restaurants, 10 meetings rooms, a 10-acre Organic Farm, a Weekend Farmer’s Market and the unique Thai Village Cultural Centre, a popular tourist attraction for over 40 years now.
Whether it is a desire for an eco-cultural tour or simply to relax and rejuvenate, Sampran Riverside provides a perfect city break for a one day trip near Bangkok or an overnight trip all year round.

We first visited the Floating Market then went to Sampran Riverside.  We went at the invitation of Sister Seansuwan, wife of First Counselor to Bangkok Thailand Mission President Senior.  The Seansuwan's will be leaving to return home to the States in September.  Sister Seansuwan's son and friend Aaron went to the Alligator farm instead of Sampran Riverside.

I can't even twirl a ring on my nose at the same time taking 2-feet off the floor.

Look whats written on the girls shirt.
"say NO to violence against women'

The building where the rest of the photos were taken

L-t-R:  Elder and Sister Moleff and Sister and Elder Seppi

The musicians for the show.
 A Xylophone Band
before the show they entertained us with music, some of the songs I recognized:  America
 the Beautiful,  Battle Hymn of the Republic, 
It's a Small World After All, ...

The show began telling of life in a Thai village.  The start of day when farmers came to market.  Also a depiction of a young man becoming a monk.  the young man is on the elephant.

Traditional Dancers.  Notice their hands, they were so graceful when they dance.

Thai boxing that uses, hands, feet, and elbows

Woman on the left using a sword - she won!
Women went to battle in earlier times.

Traditional Thai marriage ceremony

Traditional musicians and dance from
 Northern Thailand.

Bamboo pole dancing.   Did not realize that it came from Thailand. Nobody got their feet stuck

Members of the audience were invited to dance

Thai performers.   Pretty, aren't they

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

floating market is a market where goods are sold from boats. Originating in times and places where water transport played an important role in daily life Most floating markets operating today mainly serve as tourist attractions, and are chiefly found in ThailandIndonesia and Vietnam.
Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is a notable floating market in Ratchaburi, Thailand, and a major tourist destination. The floating market at Damnoen Saduak is the old traditional way of selling vegetables, fruits,etc. from a small boat. Produce sold includes Malacca grape, Chinese grapefruit, mangoes, bananas, and coconut.
We were there on Wednesday 13 August 2014.  Single click on a photo to enlarge.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bangkhae New District

Sister Moleff and I attended Transfer Meeting, where the Elders and Sisters find out who their new companions are; and who the new District and Zone Leaders are.  So far, the Senior Missionaries have kept their companionship.

The photo below was taken on Tuesday 12 August, the Thailand Queen's birthday, is of our new Bangkhae District.

Sister Moleff and Elder Moleff attend the Bangkhae Branch (Thai Speaking, where the Elders and Sister interpret for us) each Sunday, and District Meeting (in English with Thai Hymns) each Tuesday. The Bangkhae Branch is located within the Bangkok West District.

On Sundays we take a Taxi to and from the Branch.  On Tuesdays because of heavy traffic, we take the MRT (Subway), then the BTS (Elevated Subway - in New York called the "El"), then a Taxi to the Branch and reverse the process to go to our apartment.  We spent approximately 1000 Baht each week to attend our meetings.

Room 202 of the Bangkhae Branch is where we applied for and got permission from Church Headquarters to locate a new Family History Center.  We are awaiting on computers, a printer,  furniture, and room/building entrance keys before we open the Center for use.

The Bangkhae Branch is the headquarters for the new Bangkok West District.

L-t-R: Elder Kandun (From Udon Thailand), Elder Beatty (West Jordan, UT),
Elder and Sister Moleff (Prosser, Washington), Sister Brown (Troutdale. OR),
Sister Ellis (Nampa, ID), Elder Hartung (Pittsburgh, PA), Elder Sayavong (Laos),
 and Elder Proctor, District Leader (Harriman, UT).

These are hard working Elders and Sisters, and a credit to the Mission and to the Lord.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Khao kheow Open Zoo

Khao Kheow Open Zoo is very proud to have been chosen to join the Conservation Botanical Project of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the third child of Their Majesties the King and Queen of Thailand. We use the space here at Khao Kheow Open Zoo for conservation and to develop a centre for conservation in eastern Thailand. We aim to be a centre of study and research in a variety of biological resources for conservation and to help future generations. Our purpose is also to be a learning centre for groups which are relevant to our main duties of support and development of the quality of education in the province through zoo affairs.  We have been developing and carrying out our objectives for more than 31 years and still continue to do so. This includes presenting a new image of Thai zoos as a service for society, raising the standard of our zoo in the world along with our developing society.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo is now 2000 acres in size making it the largest zoo area in the world.
Khao Kheow Open Zoo is located at 235 Moo 7, Tumbun Bangpra, Ampur Sriracha, Chonburi. It is 25 kilometres from Siricha town. The Zoo is situated in the foothills of the only remaining forest left in Chonburi. The surrounding environment is a mixture of dry and evergreen forests that are very natural, plentiful and unchanged from the past. Most of the animals live in large stalls which are always suitable for them. Visitors can experience the animals up close.

This is one lizard I would not want to find in my yard!

These two were in the middle of a food fight when we saw them.
They are called Binturong also known as a bearcat.

This is where  the "Flight of the Gibbon" name came from.  The Gibbon monkey.
The little girl on the left, was not sure about this.
I'm just so gook looking
Forgot to put on my socks this morning
Who are those strangers looking at me?
I am sooo beautiful!
Scratch a little to the right - will you
Yep. I'm the King of the Zoo. 
 Yes, we could feed and pet the Giraffes and Rhinos but this guy was in a cage.
Oh you have have bad manners.  You pulled the whole bunch of 20 Baht food I brought for you right out of my hand
Nice Rhino, nice Rhino.
His hide is very tough.
Now that's a guard dog.  Such a look of contempt that sends chills up ones spine
A baby hippo enjoying a morning swim.
Long nose to the left

Short nose to the right
Just waiting.....

Flight of the Gibbon

Owner description: Flight of the Gibbon is a unique zipline and nature adventure experience that lets you "fly" through our premier location deep within the pristine, 1,500-year old rainforest. After a short hike into the scenic rainforest, our friendly Sky Rangers safely lead you through 24 platforms, sky bridges and lowering stations that connect 7 km of ziplines. Discover firsthand the beauty of the rainforest ecosystem and experience flying with our namesake gibbons. Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Flight of the Gibbon is proud of and active in rainforest restoration and primate rehabilitation projects in the area.

Yep, on our P-Day, Saturday, 09 August 2014, the Moleffs (first time), Seppis, and Meekers (both at least twice before) went Ziplining in Chonburi, Thailand.

Our package included:
  • 3km of ziplines woven in the Thai jungle eco-system
  • The highest zipline in Thailand
  • One zipline over 300 meters (984 feet) long!
  • 24 platform stations
  • 2 hanging sky bridges and 2 rappel descents
  • Two sky ranger guides for every group of up to 9
  • Detailed safety briefing & personal equipment fitting
  • Thai lunch which was very good - the Thais treat us very well
  • Free tram tour around Khao Kheow Open Safari Park - feed the wildlife during the Journey to Africa portion of the tour
  • R/T shuttle from Bangkok included in Air-con luxury 9 person van - About one hour each way.
  • The service was excellent, if you ever come to Thailand we recommend you go ziplining.
 Please enjoy the photos.  Please click on any photo to enlarge all photos.

Getting ready to go.  Sister Moleff, Sister Seppi, Brother and Sister Meeker, and Elder Seppi

Sister Moleff getting harnessed-up.
After this we had our safety instructions.

Waiting to walk up to our first Zip-Line Station.  L-t-R: E&S Meeker, E&S Moleff, and E&S Seppi.  When we got to the station, our guide had us check our legs for leeches. Elder Meeker had one on his leg and when the guide took it off there was blood.  He disinfected it and put a bandage on.  After all we are in the jungle.

Walking up the hill to our station.  The hardest part was the climb up the hill.

Sister Moleff coming in for a landing

Made it.  And you know it wasn't so bad.
 I would go again.

Elder Moleff coming down to
another launch platform

Look ma, no hands!

Together, even on a Zip-Line

Our Sky Rangers gave us safety briefings, were very professional, and gave us an enjoyable adventure with Zip-Lining.
 They made the day for us.