Saturday, July 18, 2015


Asiatique History:
Back in the 1900s, during the reign of King Chulalongkorn, Asian countries were under threat of invasion from the European superpowers. With great foresight, King Chulalongkorn took the initiative to raise Siam to the level of leading countries of the world and decided to establish relations with Denmark. Included in this process was the construction of a pier belonging to the East Asiatic Company, a business dedicated to the export of teak wood and owned by Mr. Hans Nille Andersen, a Danish national. This pier signaled the beginning of international trade between the Kingdom of Siam (the former name of Thailand) and European nations and was the key to Siam maintaining the sovereignty and independence it enjoys to this day.

Today, that same area which the East Asiatic pier occupies is being restored to its original glory under the name “ASIATIQUE The Riverfront,” the first and the biggest lifestyle project in Asia on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, and soon to become Bangkok’s trendiest landmark.

Asiatique is a delightful place to visit and shop at.  See the photos below.  We went at about 5:30 pm with Elder and Sister Grange who took the place of the Meekers as the Office Couple.

Walking into the sun to get into our boat to take us to Asiatique

Sisters Moleff and Grange

View from boat
Asiatique straight ahead

Restaurant with "chess" motif

One of the many shops in Asiatique

One of many beautiful flower shops
L-t-R:  Elder Grange, Sister Moleff, Sister Grange looking over gift items

For those who like fish, you can select your own
No, we didn't ride the Ferris Wheel.  This shot was taken as we came out of 
Swensens - our favorite ice cream shop.

The end of a good evening.  
View from pier waiting for the boat to leave to take us back to the overhead rail (BTS).

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