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Provo Utah MTC

Sister and Elder Moleff at the Provo MTC 22 March 2014

Senior Couples at the MTC for 24 March 2014 PMG Training
More Senior Couples at the MTC for 24 March 2014 PMG Training

L-T-R: Greers, Moleffs, Br. Carver, Elder Nehring, Emetts

L-T-R:  Greers, Moleffs, Sister Bateman, Emetts, Elder Nehring

This is the Provo Utah Missionary Training Center (MTC) where Elder and Sister Moleff went for their missionary training before going to Bangkok Thailand. New missionaries assigned to the Provo MTC arrive Monday–Wednesday (couple missionaries on Monday, international arrivals on Tuesday, U.S. and Canada on Wednesday.)  There are a total of 15 MTCs in nations throughout the world, in locations in addition to Provo, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guatemala, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, the Philippines, South Africa, Spain, and the United Kingdom.
We entered the Provo MTC on Saturday 22 March 2014, 2-days earlier than our mission start date on Monday 24 March 2014.  For Seniors, things have changed. Because of the number of missionaries, we can not all stay at the MTC.   Instead of having residence within the MTC campus, we stayed at the BYU Student Housing, Wyview Complex. After processing-in, our typical day was Preach My Gospel (PMG) classes from 9am thru 4:30 pm with breakfast, lunch and dinner with plenty of good food.  We also planned for and taught PMG lessons to 2-investigators and 1-less active (all staged).  The classes were more dynamic for this mission than for our Siberia mission.  It just gets better!

The 2-photos on the left are the 37 Senior Couples and 11-Single Sisters that came for the week of 24 Mar. The missions that they will be going to are:  IL-NAUV; UT-SLCS; SC-COLU; SD-RAPI; NM-ALB; AR-LTR; UT-PRO; NM-ALB; UT-STG; Sen-Lake; WA-SEA; WST IND; PHI; Honduras; NM-FARM; NC-FARM; UT-SLCC; CAN-HAL; FL-JAK; AST-MEL; UT-STG; UT-PRO; SOAF; FRA-LYON; SD-RAPI; Thailand; Gabon; SC-COLU; GHA-ACC; NIG-PHAR; Costa Rica; CA-OAK;CA-SJO;CAN-TOR; Tonga; Burundi. There may be several sets of couples going to the same mission having different assignments.

The last 2-photos on the left are of our District. In each photo, the District Leader(pink tie) is on the left with his wife. They are Elder and Sister Greer and are going to Honduras. The next senior couple is Elder and Sister Moleff going to Bangkok Thailand. The next (in the upper photo) is Brother Carver our morning PMG instructor, a returned missionary, and attending BYU. In the Photo below, our afternoon instructor is Sister Bateman, a returned missionary, BYU student, and a singer in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The single person is Elder Nehring. Sister Nehring was was not feeling well and was not present for the photo. The Nehrings also served a previous mission in Ekaterinburg, Russia.  They will be living at home and serving in the Provo Mission.  The next couple in both photos are Elder and Sister Emett and they are going to Seneca Lake in upstate New York to manage a Church Recreational area.   Ours was the best district the entire week.

Preach My Gospel training for the seniors was held in the Sharon East Stake, Pleasant View Ward building which is just outside the MTC security fence.

The Provo Temple is the beautiful sight that we got to see each day as we drove from our Wyview apartment to the MTC to attend  our Preach My Gospel missionary classes.

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