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Our Family History (FH) training was from March 31 - April 3, 2014 at the Joseph Smith Memorial building in Salt Lake City. We were shuttled from the MTC Travel office to catch the 7:50 am FrontRunner train to take us into Salt Lake City (SLC) and then transfer to the TRAX to the Joseph Smith Memorial building.  There, for 4-days, we have intensive FH training.  (We liked taking the FrontRunner - did not have to worry about freeway traffic.)

The Joseph Smith Memorial Building where we had our Family History training.

The Joseph Smith Memorial Building, formerly the Hotel Utah, was built in 1911. This stately building, which was completely renovated and reopened in 1993, now houses the Legacy Theater, reception and conference rooms, a FamilySearch center, Nauvoo Cafe, and The Roof and The Garden Restaurants.

We had breakfast in the Nauvoo cafe (breakfast was excellent-chef made great omelets), and lunch in the Garden Restaurant.  The view of the temple grounds from the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  Note the Conference Center in the background of the photograph.

To the right are the Herrmanns, our hosts, instructors, and coordinators for our 4-days of Family History instruction.  The Herrmans served 3-missions in Germany, have toured extensively in Europe and Asia, and are now serving as International Family History trainers.  It was a joy working with them.  Our first day training agenda is shown below:

Thailand Family History Missionary Training
-----------------------------------------------------------------------Elder and Sister Moleff
March 31th – April 3nd 2014

Monday, March 31st :  Salt Lake City
With Whom
Meeting Title
 7:50-8:50 am
Front Runner Station
On Your Own
Ride Front Runner Train from Prove to Salt Lake in Salt Lake
You will need to make arrangements to get a shuttle from the MTC to take you to the Provo Front Runner Station.  The train leaves Provo at 7:50 am and arrives in Salt Lake Central at 8:50 am
8:50 am
SL Central
Front Runner Station
Elder and Sister Herrmann
Meet and Greet
Elder and Sister Herrmann will meet you at the station and show how to take the trax to the Joseph Smith Building for training meetings.

9:00-10:00 am


Elder and Sister Herrmann
The Heart not the Chart

10:00-11:00 am


Alan Wensel
FHD Doctrinal Review

11:00-12:00 pm


Art Johnson
Family History as a Resource in the Work of Salvation
Five elements of the Work of Salvation
The Hastening and real growth
12:00-1:00 pm

On your own
Please make arrangements to bring a sack lunch from the MTC with you or be prepared to pay for your lunch in the cafeteria.

1:00-2:00 pm
Curtis Petersen

Business Intelligence Reports
Area Priesthood Key Indicator Report
2:00-4:00 pm


Kris Jackson
Who We Are/ To Turn the Hearts
Photos and Stories
Consultant Role

4:35-5:42 pm
North Temple Front Runner Station
On Your Own
Ride Frontrunner back to Provo
You will need to arrange to have the MTC shuttle pick you up and take you back to the MTC.  The train leaves Salt Lake at 4:35 pm and arrives in Provo at 5:42 pm just in time for dinner at the MTC.

The Salt Lake Temple is the centerpiece of the 10-acre  Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The temple grounds are open to the public.  Due to its location at LDS Church headquarters and its historical significance, it is patronized by Latter-day Saints from many parts of the world. The Salt Lake Temple is also the location of the weekly meetings of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. As such, there are special meeting rooms in the building for these purposes.  The official name of the Salt Lake Temple is also unique. In 1999, as the building of LDS temples accelerated, the church announced a formal naming convention for all existing and future temples. For temples located in the United States and Canada, the name of the temple is generally the city or town in which the temple is located, followed by the name of the applicable state or province (with no comma). For temples outside of the U.S. and Canada, the name of the temple is generally the city name (as above) followed by the name of the country. However,  the Salt Lake Temple was made an exception to the new guidelines and was not renamed the Salt Lake City Utah Temple.  The Provo City Center Temple, currently under construction, is the only other temple that does not follow the naming convention.
The white lights show the location of temples around the world.  Besides these temples, there are 14 under construction and another 14 that have been announced.   Elder Moleff is pointing to Bangkok Thailand.  In June 2014, a second stake is to be organized in Thailand.  The Thailand saints are looking forward to when there will be a temple in Thailand.

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