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Celadon is a term for ceramics denoting both a type of glaze and a ware of celadon (color). Celadon originated in China, and notable kilns such as the Longquan kiln in Zhejiang province are renowned for their celadon works.  Celadon production later spread to other regions in Asia, such as Korea and Thailand.

Chiang Mai, Lampang and Lamphun provinces are at the heart of Thailand’s ceramics industry, but Chiangmai is recognised as the home of the renaissance of Northern Thailand’s most famous wood ash glaze, Celadon.   The typically green-glazed celadon was desirable because of its resemblance to jade, a colour long associated with wealth and success.

Some Celadon pieces that Sister Moleff has at our apartment in Bangkok.  Note the glaze and artwork.  Other pieces were shipped home to Prosser WA.  We were not allowed to take photographs in the Showroom.  Some exquisite vases in the showroom were priced at $10,000 USD.

This is the entrance to the Celadon factory.  Showroom is to the right.  The following photographs, which we were allowed to take, are inside the factory.  When we entered
 the showroom we were greeted with a small cup of lemongrass tea.  The cups were 
rounded and served on a small round plate.  The Thai people are very gracious.

The dry clay which is mixed with the right amount of water to make the greenware.

A happy potter at his trade.

Dryware ready for the kiln.

Dryware on a kiln cart awaiting its turn to be fired in the kiln.
Dryware that is being painted with a glaze design before firing.  These ladies do this freehand.  They are truly artist.

Another piece of dryware that is being 
painted with a glaze design before firing.  These pieces when finished could cost over $1,000+ which is why the pieces we bought 
are about $1.50 each.

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