Sunday, July 6, 2014

Chiang Mai Umbrellas

Chiang Mai Umbrellas is Sunisa Umbrella Factory's English language web site. We are located near Bo Sang Umbrella village in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and manufacture high quality bamboo umbrellas, serving customers worldwide. Our product lines cover modern umbrellas, classic Thai umbrellas, paper umbrellas and wedding umbrellas. We also produce fabric and paper hand fans with bamboo frames.
Our umbrellas and hand fans are handmade with environmentally sustainable materials. We exclusively use local, quickly renewable bamboo. Most or our umbrella covers are made of natural materials and all of our umbrella materials are fully biodegradable. This also goes for our bamboo hand fans. We make our products in socially responsible working conditions.

The craftsmanship and artwork is nothing less than amazing and outstanding
(Please single click on a picture to enlarge) 

This is the view as you walk into Umbrella Showroom

They make fans and umbrellas.

Ain't she Pretty!

Making the spindle that holds the spokes.

Making the spokes of the umbrella.

This lady is putting fabric on the umbrella.  You can buy cotton, rayon or silk fans and umbrellas.

Small umbrellas.

BIG umbrellas!

You can buy small silk fans inside (any color) for about $1.50 and take it out to the work area and pick any design you want painted on it.

Ladies outside in the workshop to paint your fan or umbrella.  The cost for painting is extra and the price depends on the size and the design.

You can always buy completed products from 
the showroom - they have a great selection.
  I made it out with just one small umbrella
 and one fan for me.

They also have paintings and wall hangings.

These 2 pictures were
 Elder Moleff's favorite.
L-T-R:  Pinky and Elder and Sister Ure the MLS (Membership, Leadership & Support)  Senior Couple in Chiang Mai.  Pinky is a member of the church who came about a 2-3 hour bus ride from Chiang Mai to be our interpreter and guide.  She spent the 3 days with us 
 and with the help of Sister Wasson (Family History Support office in Hong Kong) was able 
to submit over 100 ordinances to be done in the Hong Kong Temple.  She will be making
 the trip to Hong Kong in August.

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