Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

Khlong Lat Mayom is one of the three floating markets located close to Bangkok, no more than twenty kilometres from town and accessible by taxi from Wongwian Yai (the last BTS station on the Silom Line). Khlong Lat Mayom is nothing like the huge touristy Damnoen Saduak or the crowded Amphawa but really has the charm and authenticity of a local market and you might be one of the only foreigners around. You can spend a couple of hours here then move to the largest Taling Chan floating market, just a couple of kilometers away.

Everybody love floating markets - Thai and tourists alike - you just have to see how locals flock to the place on weekends! Local market culture has deep roots in Thai daily life and eating out is not a special event as it is in western culture: it's fun, cheap and casual, and Thai food has so many variations it can be a travelling theme on its own.

Just like the two other markets around bangkok, the definition of 'floating market' is a bit stretched, the place being in fact more of a riverside market. The canal here is very narrow and only few boats are parked all alongside the riverbank and below a low bridge, cooking for customers who sit at low tables all along the water. Eating is always the highlight of a floating market visit, sitting on a little wooden stool not higher than 10 cm and ordering a dish cooked on a tiny wooden boat anchored just next to your table is such a fun and exotic experience!

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Can you guess which one is Thai.  Sister Petchfa, our guide and friend, on the left or Sister Moleff on the right.

 Handsome looking couples can be seen frequenting the markets. 
The market is on shore with boats selling products on both sides of the canal.

She has some tasty looking fruits and veggies.
Getting into our boat.  The name of the boat was 'Honeymoon'.

1-Thai power boat.  His home is further up  the canal where he grows his own fruits and vegetables.
Her food looked real good.

Lunch or dinner in the rough.
It was a peaceful ride.

Thailand is a beautiful country.
The market on shore. 

A craftsman at work.

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