Thursday, August 28, 2014

Senior Missionaries

The August 2014 photograph  below shows some of the Senior Missionaries at President and Sister Seniors apartment for a farewell to Elder and Sister Manning and a welcome to their replacements Elder and Sister Smith for Public Affairs.  Also leaving for America is Sister and Elder Seansuwan currently 1st counselor to President Senior. We had a delightful dinner - all contributed.  Sister Moleff made bread which everyone enjoyed.

L-t-R:  Smiths (Arriving PA), Moleffs (FH), Seniors (Mission President), Seansuwans (1st Counselor to Mission President), Mannings (Leaving PA), Seppis (PEF & SR) , Goodsons (Humanitarian - to be leaving next month; this is their 5th mission and 2nd in Thailand) Elder and Sister Sowers (MLS, he is also Branch President in Ayutthaya - also to be leaving next month) and Elder and Sister Meeker (Office Missionaries)

Photograph of August 2014 Thailand Bangkok Mission Presidency.
Left to Right - Mani Seansuwan 1st Counselor (Leaving for America), 
President David M. Senior and Wisan Wisanbannawit 
Second Counselor and Director of the Thailand Service Center

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