Sunday, August 10, 2014

YSA Conference - Sappraiwan Grand Hotel and Resort

This year the Young Single Adult (YSA) conference was held at the Sappraiwan Grand Hotel and Resort a 10-minute drive from Poi and Keang Song Waterfalls and 68 km from Kao Khor and 58 km from Phitsanulok Airport. The hotel  property is equipped with an Elephant Sanctuary and white water rafting facilities.
The YSA Conference was from Thursday 10 July thru Saturday 12 July 2014.  Our part in the conference was to set-up a Family History booth where the YSA can learn about the My Family booklet and register onto FamilySearch.  On Saturday 12 July, the Moleff's and Seppi's (PEF) were given 1/2 hour each to present our specialities.
There were 4-Senior Missionary Couples attending the conference.  The Mannings for Public Relations, the Seppi's for Perpetual Education Fund (PEF)-Self Reliance, the Moleff's for Family History, and the Ure's for Membership Leadership Support (MLS) and conference staff.  Total attendance count was 398 YSA and leaders.  The youth also participated in 2 service projects; one was at at school and the other at an orphanage.

Please Enjoy the Photographs - Single Click on any Photo will Enlarge all Photos


A matriarchal society.  They were just to the right of the entrance waiting to come in for breakfast.

Sister Moleff just wouldn't let me take the cute little one home.  Only 5 weeks old.  She said that in no time it would eat like an elephant.    I had no idea!   Ya live and learn.
Front Entrance
The elephant to the right is a life size statue. 
Sister Moleff would like one at the top of my driveway at home. 
 If I could afford to buy one I certainly couldn't
 afford the shipping.

Hotel Lobby
At the far end is a large seating area and you are sitting 
in surrounded by trees 1 story up.  You can look down 
to the right and see the swimming pool.  And Yes, 
Sister Moleff went swimming.
L-t-R:  Sister & Elder Moleff introducing ourselves;  President Arun, Bangkok West District President & Thailand S&I Coordinator & MC for YSA Conference;  President Ken, Chiang Mai District President and person in charge of YSA conference. 
Elder and Sister Seppi Perpetual Education Fund 
(PEF) display

Moleff's Family History Display.
Yes, that is a fan chart of Elder Moleff's 
4-generation ancestors.
  We had it made at the 
Umbrella Factory in Chiang Mai. 
Hand painted on silk.
And - here we are at our FH Booth.
Walking to our hotel room.
That is Sister Moleff in the background. 

Entrance to our room is first door on the right.   
One of the nicer hotel rooms I have ever been in.
 We had 1 long orange crawly things wiggle under 
the door to our apartment.  It did not get far before 
Elder Moleff spotted it and tossed it out.

L-t-R:  Sister Moleff, Elder and Sister Manning,  ??,  Elder and Sister Ure (part of YSA Senior Staff), 
Sister and Elder Seppi waiting in the Conference Room for the entertainment to begin (Church Theme skits).

Service project at the orphanage.

Service project at the school.

On Friday there were seminars,
 this is one of the groups. 
 On the tree you can see it is Station 5.

This is only 1/2 the YSA.  One day 1/2 went to the school and 1/2 went rafting, the next day 1/2 went to the orphanage and 1/2 rafting.  This is the group at the orphanage.

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