Saturday, October 4, 2014

Floating Market

On Saturday 13 September 1024 we accompanied the Elder and Sister Goodson, the Humanitarian Couple, on a trip to a Wheelchair Ceremony.  The Goodsons are leaving to go home on 24 September. Their replacements are Elder and Sister Ure who have been serving as MLS Missionaries in Chiang Mai.  The Ures and Elder and Sister Smith the Public Affairs couple (who replaced the Mannings) also accompanied the Goodsons on this trip.  Supreda was our van driver.  Since the Ures and Smiths had never gone to a Floating Market, which just happened to be on our way to the Wheel Chair ceremony, Supreda thought it would be nice to stop.  The pictures below are of the Floating Market.

Entrance to Floating Market.

Our boat driver.  
The Moleffs and Smiths were in 1-boat.
A four cylinder engine. 
 There were boats with 6 and 8 cylinder engines.

Supreda, the Ures, and the Goodsons were in another boat.

Lots of Spices

Sister Moleff drooled all the way past this shop.
Lots and lots of goodies.

When you need a traffic cop you can't find one.
The Smiths in back of our boat.

We stopped at a Wat.
Sister Moleff and Supreda. 
 Monk in yellow robe at far end.

The Thai jungle with lizards as big as small alligators.

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