Saturday, October 4, 2014

Photos of Different Events

Please enjoy these photos of different events.

Morning view outside of our apartment.
We are on the 19th floor.

Terminal 21 Mall.  The malls in the States are of no comparison.  When we go here we walk in on the second floor, The movie theater is on the 6th level and food court on the 4th level.
Terminal 21 Mall.  This escalator goes up 3 floors.  This is about a 20 minute walk from our apartment.

Terminal 21 Mall.  Looking out the window to the left you can see the stairs up to the elevated train. We use 4 modes of transportation here: taxi, subway, elevated train and feet.

Dinner at our apartment: Moleffs, Ures, and Goodsons(this was their 5th mission and 2nd one in Thailand).  The Goodsons have gone home and the Ures were transferred from Chiang Mai to replace them as Humanitarian Missionaries.  Elder Goodson is 78 years old;  with him gone at 75 Elder Moleff is the oldest Elder in the mission.  

Elders Beatty and Kandun.  Elder Beatty is translating for Elder Kandun during District Meeting.
Ice Cream at Swensens.  It was Elder Sayavong - 2nd on the right - birthday that week. On left
E. Hartung, S. Ellis, S. Brown, E. Beatty, and
E. Moleff at the end.  On right E. Kandun, E. Sayavong, E. Proctor and S. Moleff

Baptism at Bangkhae Branch.
Baptism at Bangkhae Branch

This was the day that Jognsatit became Bishop of the Bangapi Ward.  His father (a non-member), Bishop Jognsatit, oldest son (recently returned from his mission) and youngest son.  Middle son is serving a mission in S. Korea.
Bishop Jognsatit's family with E&S Moleffs.   We had been invited to speak in Sacrament meeting that day and had a pleasant surprise.  Bishop John (nickname) works in the Service Center with us and is a good friend.

Elder Moleff speaking at Transfer Meeting.

Sister Moleff speaking at Transfer meeting.  We teach about the My Family Booklet.

The first assignment new members receive is to fill out their My Family booklet  - to point them to the temple.  As Elder Packer taught 'Begin with the End in Mind'.

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