Saturday, October 4, 2014

Wheelchair Ceremony

The Ban Pong Rotary held a ceremony Sept. 13, 2014 during which 52 wheelchairs were donated to children and adults from The Foundation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Most of the adult wheelchairs were rough riders since there are no more standard wheelchairs in the warehouse from the 2013 shipment. The Club had stamped a very large Rotary symbol on the front of the back seats. The name of the Church is stamped on the back of the back seat.

Elder Goodson and Elder Paul Ure, a new humanitarian missionary, spoke during the ceremony along with many, many Rotarians. Elder & Sister Moleff, family history missionaries, also attended the ceremonies.The Ures will talk to the Rotarians about being equal partners in the wheelchair projects.

Elder Ure and Elder Goodson.  Elder and Sister Ure are replacing the Goodsons as the Humanitarian Senior Couple.

L-t-R:  Sister Supreda our driver, Elder and Sister Ure, Sister Moleff, Sister and Elder Smith the Public affairs couple.
Rotary and other dignitaries on front set.  All spoke except for Sister Goodson in blue dress.

 Rotary person speaking.

Elder Goodson speaking.

Elder Ure speaking.

A few of the wheelchair recipients in front.  Dignitaries in back.

A couple of Cowboys.  Elders Moleff and Ure.

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