Sunday, May 3, 2015

Senior Missionary Conference Specialized Training

The Senior Missionary Conference Specialized Training was held at the Panviman Resort out of Chiang Mai from March 31 - April 2, 2015. 

Panviman Chiang Mai Spa Resort is nestled high up in the hills, surrounded by tropical forests, flower gardens and orchards, in Maerim, north-west of Chiang Mai. The resort lodges a unique adventurous experience among the natural beauty of Northern Thailand.

The following Senior Missionary Reports were made:
  • Myanmar Report: Elders and Sisters Sippel/Pett
  • Laos Report:  Elder and Sister Bush
  • Thailand Humanitarian Report:  Elder and Sister Ure (not given due to late arrival)
  • Family History Report:  Elder and Sister Moleff (Sister Moleff presented her PowerPoint)
  • Spiritual Self Reliance:  By President Senior who presented instruction by the Asia Area Presidency on the "Principles for Long-Term Asia Area Self-Reliance."  A few of these principles are shown below:
  • Long-term Asia Area self-reliance principles and wise local adaptation can reduce the cost structure of Church programs.  The gospel and Church can come to all the Asia Area in hastening and sustainable ways.
  • Especially in developing Asian countries, some currently with no or few Church physical facilities, the gospel and Church may naturally center more on family or neighborhood groupings,  and less on chapel-based ways to house the Saints.  Priesthood keys can be brought to members, instead of bringing members to keys, even as members gather and strengthen each other.
  • Both in developing and developed countries, gospel instruction can help members focus on the gospel pearl  instead of being distracted by, or feeling slighted by, different boxes.  The Kingdom does not have "gold-class" and "tin-class" members.  Members in the international Church will better understand their goal is not to "progress" to the Wasatch Front-type physical facilities if they see self-reliance meetinghouse changes also come to the North American Church.
Photographs are as follows:

Conference attendees - L-t-R:  Elder and Sister: Bush, Pett, Moleff, Ure, Petersen, Senior, Lyon, Sippel, Meeker, Seppi, Stoker, Smith, Hart, and Sangvein
Resort Main Building with Restaurant, Conference rooms, and Gift Shop

President Senior presenting

Sister Senior Presenting

Lunch first day we arrived.
They grow their own veggies


Great swimming pool, wish we had more time to enjoy it.

Elder and Sister Meeker taking advantage of the pool.
Building that had our rooms
I'm standing at the inside of our front door

Standing out on porch.

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