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Sister Moleff and I were invited to attend Youth Conference on April 29-May 1 2015.  The youth were given Passports where Visa stamps were indication of areas of accomplishment.  We had the Family History stamp.  The youth would need to fill-in as much of their family tree as possible in the Passport to receive the Family History stamp, an image of the Salt Lake Temple.  Photo record is shown below.
The bus that the Bangkok West District Youth and Senior Couples traveled in.  Trip took 7-hours

Sign identifying the Imperial Phukaew Hill Resort

Imperial Phukaew Hill Resort Khao Kho - View
Clubhouse where teaching was performed and meals served.

What the Passport looked like

Sister Moleff's Passport.  Salt Lake Visa stamp on bottom right
Elder Moleff stamping Passport for happy youth

Elder and Sister Moleff at breakfast with President and Sister Sathit, Bangkok North Stake President, and the person that Elder Anderson spoke about in the April 2015 General Conference
Youth at conference

All the youth love President and Sister Senior

L-t-R:  President Sathit Bangkok (North Stake President), President Senior (Bangkok Thailand Mission President), President Arun (Bangkok West District President), and President Wongsagorn  (Udon District President).

The youth in each District put on outstanding pertformances

I wonder if they will grow in Prosser.  This is Jackfruit and is edible. 

Some of the view was breathtaking including Sister Moleff  walking to the Clubhouse

Our apartment - Moleff's on the left, Seppi's on the right

Our apartment was 3-levels.  3 stairs down to  get to where Sister Moleff is sitting, and 2-more stairs up to the foyer and bathroom area

Our private balcony

Bangkok North Stake Youth and Leaders

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