Sunday, May 3, 2015

Umbrella Factory in Chiang Mai

Elder and Sister Bush, Humanitarian Couple in Laos, had asked Sister Moleff to have the Umbrella Factory make 2-Family History Fan Charts for them.  We were tat the Umbrella Factory on Monday and placed an order for 2-fan charts for pick-up by the Bushes on Friday.

If you go for a drive out along San Kamphaeng Road to look at all the silk, silverware & gem factories and showrooms be sure to go and visit the Bo Sang Handicraft Centre (8km south east from Chiang Mai). The local artisans make the world famous Sa Paper umbrellas and parasols that would be a treasured gift for either yourself or someone special back at home.

You can watch the whole process as the workers hand make the paper lamps, fans, umbrellas and parasols from start to end. From making the bamboo struts, covering them with paper, putting them out to dry and then hand painting them.

The artists in the Handicraft Centre who meticulously hand paint all the decorations on to the umbrellas are always willing to paint a variety of beautiful designs on items that you bring to them (for example a Purse, handbag, hat, jacket, t-shirt, even the leg of your jeans). Even very complicated scenic designs can be painted on your object right in front of you in minutes. Prices are extremely reasonable and are negotiated with the particular artist, don't be stingy with your money as you will be very proud to show off the beautiful finished product.

There is a large shop attached to the Bo Sang Handicraft Centre which sells a huge variety of exquisitely painted umbrellas and parasols along with other locally made handicraft products. If you don't have room in your luggage to fit all your purchases, the centre can easily arrange to post the goods overseas to your home for you.

Sister Moleff is giving the craftsman the fan chart he is to paint on the silk fans that Sister Moleff purchased for Elder & Sister Bush.

She is painting an elephant on my camera.

You can see a sample of designs that she works with.  You go to the person that has the designs that you want painted.

She is painting elephants on a fan that Sister Moleff purchased.  
Sister Moleff purchased the fan and told Elder Moleff he could choose 
what he wanted painted on her fan - they are happy elephants.

Elder Moleff sitting on bike of peddler that started the Umbrella Factory.  Capitalism at its best - which appears to be live and well in Thailand.

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