Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bangkhae Branch Christmas Party

The Bangkhae Branch had its Christmas party on the evening of 13 December 2015.  The party included a special Christmas gift (below), Gift Tree, Dinner and a program.  There was cookie decorating and chocolate dipping.  Check-out the Christmas present below!

Elder Moleff presenting Sister Natthaya Panmongkol with an envelope from church  headquarters that contains her mission call.
 In Thailand Mission calls come to the Thailand Bangkok Mission Office and then
 are hand delivered.  Since we go to the Bangkhae Branch we were given the
honor of delivering this call to an angel.

Sister Panmongkol opened her Mission Call read that she has been called to labor
 in the Australia Sydney North Mission, English speaking, and to report to the
 Provo MTC on 5 May 2015.  She was thrilled and everyone cheered.
 She asked if this meant she would get to go to the Temple.  We said YES!

A Christmas gift tree.  Little rolls of paper were tied to the branches of the tree.
A person would come up to the tree and point to a tied paper.  Some one would cut
the rolled paper off the tree and escort them to the gift table.  On the paper would
be the name of their gift.

The new Bangkae District missionaries singing carols.  L-t-R:  Sister Belnap, Sister Lam, Elder Crump, Elder Thomas, Santa (aka Elder Davis), Elder Basset (District Leader), Elder Opad, and Elder Graham .  On Thursday 11 Nov. we had transfers and we got 5 new missionaries.

The cast acted out Luke 2.  The two who played Mary and Joseph had beautiful singing voices.
He fried rolled out bread balls.  Added sweet condensed milk and added sugar.  I had 2-without the sugar.  They were delicious.
It was starting to get dark when we had our Christmas feast.  The Thai food was
outstanding.  Sister Moleff mentioned it was the first Ward/Branch Christmas
dinner we had ever eaten outside - it was 81* at 6:00 pm.

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