Sunday, December 21, 2014

Thanksgiving in Bangkok 2014

Nah - Nah- Nah for Audrey and Heidi.  We had 2-Thanksgiving dinners, and in Bangkok Thailand, no less, as we snub our proboscises.

The first Thanksgiving dinner was at our apartment for our District Missionaries on Tuesday 25 Nov., plus  2-Sisters that President Senior said needed a place to go.  They were in Bangkok for one of the Sisters to renew her Visa.

Sister Moleff always set a good table
Back Row L-t-R: Elder Moleff, Elder Davis, Sister Lam, Elder Crump, Sister Brown, Sister         , and Sister
Front Row L-t-R:  Sister Moleff, Elder Omer, Elder Howard, Elder Hogan, Elder Kettavong
Our second Thanksgiving dinner was on Thanksgiving day Thursday 27 Nov at President and Sister Seniors apartment.  All the senior couples brought their goodies with the Seniors providing the guest of honor - the Turkey, and it tasted real good.   We sang, President Senior spoke, and we played games. There was a prize given to guess the number of candy-corns in a bottle.  See photo of prize winner below who scientifically calculated the number of candy-corns in the bottle.

It was such an astounding feat that the Mission President had to take his picture.

Yep, Elder Moleff guessed, I mean calculated, the exact number of candy corns in the jar.  President Senior just could not believe that one of his senior missionaries could count that high.
Anyone with as brilliant a mind can glance at the jar and calculate it to contain exactly 743 candy-corns

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