Sunday, December 21, 2014

Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) Family History Trip

Senior Missionaries, Elder and Sister Peterson asked Elder and Sister Moleff to visit Korat and present Family History training.  They set it up such that on  Saturday 29 Nov. we would go and visit the less actives presenting the My Family booklet as a reactivation tool.  Sunday 30 Nov we would speak in Sacrament Meeting, teach the 5th Sunday lesson, and train the Family History Consultants after the block meeting. 

Elder and Sister Peterson have served in Thailand before as PEF missionaries and came again about 1-year later to serve a 6-month mission on their own nickle. They are called as District Missionaries to labor in Korat in the MLS program.

We took our first trip by bus to visit a city - Korat.  The bus line was Nakornchai Air Bus: BKK to Khon Kan.  There are more than 140 direct buses serving almost around the clock daily between Bangkok and Korat. There is main Highway between Bangkok and Korat, so it will take about 3 hours only to reach Korat. The total distance is 273 kilometer. Direct buses, non direct buses (stop Pak Chong),air conditioned buses, non air buses, there are many type buses

Our Hotel  Sima Thani

Sima Thani Korat, Nakhon Ratchasima
Sima Thani Hotel Where We Stayed While in Korat
Hotel Entrance
Looking down from 4th floor.  We had room 436 for 1300 Baht / night including breakfast.  That's Elder and Sister Peterson below (white shirt, blue dress)

Kings Birthday and Christmas Tree Display
Our transportation was a TUK - TUK

This is Mr. Cookie and Sister Moleff.  Mr. Cookie is the Tuk Tuk owner and driver.  He speaks good English and is employed by the Petersons as their transportation.   He charges 100 Baht to take us to the bus terminal. His business card says, "There is only one Tuk Tuk in Korat who knows everything."

The Korat chapel is being renovated and with modifications scheduled to be completed just before Christmas this year.  A photo of the rented space where the Korat Saints were meeting including the baptism font is shown below.

Church services inside of glass doors

Same type of baptismal fount we had in Ulan-Ude at our Russia-Siberia Mission

5th Sunday Lesson

 This is Sister Moleff talking about the My Family booklet.  The lesson was a Power Point presentation because there is no internet in the rented building.  Halfway through the lesson Sister Moleff handed out My Family booklets to those that did not have any and asked them to enter their names and birth dates into the booklet.  We asked that the Family History Consultants stand and identify themselves so that the Consultants can help members enter the booklet data into FamilySearch.  After this exercise, the Power Point presentation was completed.


Since the rented building did not have internet, Sister Bird drove us and the Family History Consultants to the hotel where we could get unto FamilySearch in the hotel lobby.  We taught for almost 3-hours.

Elder Moleff teaching Family Search.  L-t-R:  Sister Sroyphatai, Elder Moleff, Brother Manop, Sister Bird

L-t-R:  Sister Sroyphatai, Sister Bird, Brother Manop

L-t-R:  Sister Sroyphatai, Sister Bird, Brother Manop

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