Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Few Photos

An interesting photo.  This is the inside of our polished stainless steel elevator
that we take to the 19th floor to our apartment each day.  

We are looking at the elevator doors.  
This is Sister Moleff entering in our apartment, just bent over
carrying all the items she has bought from the outdoor market.
The outdoor market booths are set up the afternoon before Tuesday and Thursday
 market days.  Thursday is when they have the fruits and vegetables and we purchase 
most of ours there.  The fruits are sooooooooooo good here.

We also buy other stuff at the outdoor market.

This is a typical outdoor sidewalk food stand.  The Thai food is delicious.
He is the barber that gave me my first, and a real good, haircut in Thailand
all for 100 Baht (about 3$) 

This is the BTS above ground (subway?) that took us on our way to Ikea.  
The cars are very clean. Stops are announced  both in Thai and in English.
This is the HUGH Mega Mall where Ikea and Home Pro a hardware store is 
located where I bought a replacement shower head and flexible hose to the shower head. 
The flexible hose in my shower stall ruptured.  The Mall had the finest and most
 modern mens bathroom that I have ever been in.  Was tempted to take a picture

This is a motorcycle taxi which  is a common mode of transportation in Bangkok.
Women sit side-saddle. 

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