Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Sunday, Mothers Day in the states, 11 May 2014, Sister Moleff and I gave our first Sacrament Meeting talk on Family History at the Bangkok International Ward, in this Ward all the meetings are in English but those giving the prayers can do so in their native tongue.  There are about 26 different nationalities represented in our Ward.  Our talks were well received. After Sacrament meeting ended, Bishop Berry asked that those who are interested to come up and register their name with us if they wanted to learn more about Family History.  9-people gave us their name and phone number.

At the end of the block, John, the Family History Consultant, Sister Moleff and I went upstairs into the Family History Center to see if the 2-desktop computers are working.  They computers turned on, but we didn't have the password to get in - we have to find the passwords.  For the Bangkok Ward, we have set the Family History Center hours each Wednesday from 4-7 pm, and on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Sundays from 12:30 to 2pm. 

The beginning of another fantastic day in Thailand.  

Jass Fashions Suits & Silks - Ladies and Gents Custom Tailors.  He made my first
tailored pants and did a good job.  Only 1,500 Baht.  As you can see you pick your fabric and 

what you want made and it will be ready in a few day.  FOR Cheyenne - I found some great 
black silk with dragons on it.  This couple is from India.

Signature's Collection - Ladies and Gents Custom Tailors.  He made my
second tailored pants and did a good job.  Only 1,500 Baht.  These gentlemen are Thai.
Terminal 21 Mall escalators.  Becca - want to come for a ride? 

Central Plaza Mall escalators.  This is a QUIZ.  How many different escalators can you find;
and also in the Terminal 21 Mall in the above photo.

Ticket office for a theater on the 6th level of Terminal 21 Mall

She gave us our 1st popcorn and drink in Thailand.  Thai girls are very pretty.
USA popcorn tastes just like Thai popcorn.  Tis a mystery.  The movie we saw - Ted likes

 Spiderman, and yes it was in English with Thai subtitles.

Notice the statues just outside to the entrance to the movie.  Ted keeping a lookout for pictures to take,
 I did not even see this.

Van Ness Avenue California - A long way from home. It looks to be a place to have dessert.

The grocery stores in the Malls are great with lots of delicious food.  We got sourdough bread here.  We can find some American brand names here.  Sister Moleff loves Best Foods mayonnaise.  Elder Moleff fixed hamburgers with the sourdough bread for a pre-Mother's Day dinner.  He knows how to fix a good burger.

For the Bybees.  Kristy Bybee's relatives.
  L-R:  Leslie Jorgensen, Marilynne Jorgensen (Sloan's mother), Sister Moleff, Sloan & Amy Jorgensen
and Elder Moleff.  Taken in front of the Bangkok Ward (International Ward - services are in English).  They are from Moses Lake and were leaving for Cambodia the next day.
They heard our first Sacrament Meeting talks in Thailand.  It was Mother's Day!

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