Saturday, May 3, 2014


This is the first Transfers Meeting that we have attended including our Novosibirsk Mission, there we were too far away to get together at transfers.  It was a very interesting and exciting day.  At this meeting, we taught the Elders and Sisters how to use the "My Family" booklet.
The Transfers were held in the Bangkok North District Building.

Here are the 7-New Elders coming into the Cultural Hall to a standing ovation.

The 7-New Elders awaiting their District and Companion Assignment.

Mission President, President Senior using  A Powerpoint presentation to make
 District and Companionship assignments.  Elders/Sisters would come up and greet 
each other as they received their assignments.

Sitting are the Elders/Sisters that are being released.  
Each is identified for their accomplishments.

The "My Family" booklets are one reason we are in Bangkok.  
We are to encourage the Thai Saints to fill-out the booklet 
and get the stories, pictures, and data into Family Search.  World wide, 
on a per member basis, only about 8% are inputting into 
Family Search, the way ordinance cards are made for Temple Work.

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