Friday, May 9, 2014

Lop Buri

On Friday morning, 25 April 2014, we went to the office at the Service Center and the Director, Wisan,  asked us if we would like to accompany the Humanitarian senior couple to LopBuri (a city north of Bangkok) where they were to deliver a Sound System, and English books, to a Juvenile Detention Center. We were also to meet with a branch president to determine if one of his members house qualifies for a wheelchair.  Some photos of our trip are shown below:

We dropped the sound system and books off at the office of a district  High Counselor
and Judge (his job) who presides over the Juvenile Detention Center project.  
This is a photo of some interesting mementos that he had in his office.
The view outside of his office window.

This is us at lunch where Sister Moleff and I had our first Thai food at the very nice Bualuang Restaurant.  The price for 6-persons was about $40.    Everybody ordered, and we all shared from the plates of food that were presented to discover the different tastes. It was all most delicious.  The most interesting food to me was the soup that had a broth of a flavor that I have never before tasted.  The soup had very chewy mushrooms, squid, and a variety of vegetables.  It was very good, but different.
 Around the table is:  Front:  Elder and Sister Goodson; Moleffs  on the left; Lop Buri Branch President Wisitthaporn Kadsaard, of the Bangkok North District; right is Supreeda, our driver and Service Center Office Secretary who does many other jobs at the Service Center.

Elder and Sister Moleff.  The outside of the restaurant was very nice. 

Elder Moleff and President Wisitthaporn Kadsaard 

Elder and Sister Goodson, humartian couple.

Supreeda taking measurements for a wheelchair that is supposed
to fit through all the doors of the members home.

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