Sunday, May 4, 2014

An International Ward - A very Good Day!

Today, 04 May 2014 is Fast Sunday. The Sacrament was blessed by 2 Priests that spoke English with a heavy dialect, one was from Nigeria and the other from Thailand. Sister Avena was baptized last Sunday and confirmed today in Chinese by a brother from Las Vegas, he served his mission in Taiwan and now works in Bangkok.  Brother Lloyd bore his testimony about detention camps near the Thai border after the Vietnam War.  He will be going back to Canada in a little while, he is wintering here.  A sister from Japan bore her testimony in Japanese, that was translated into English.  Another person bore testimony in English that is from China.  Another was a temple worker from the Philippines just finishing his vacation in Thailand.  And another was from Scotland.  He is now the new Elders Quorum President in the Bangkok Ward. Another woman that bore testimony was from the Philippines. Elder Moleff was the only American that bore testimony. This is truly an International Ward.  The church is true no matter where you come from, we all are brothers and sisters!

Sister Moleff is substituting as a Primary 3 teacher next Sunday on Lesson number 17, just like in Prosser substituting in Primary.  Fortunately for her she can teach in English, or rather fortunately for the children they will be able to understand.

Today we met with Bishop Berry, the Family History Consultant John, and the High Priest group Leader Mika Hamalainen (from Finland) to discuss Family History.  Bishop Berry is very supportive of Family History.  The result of our meeting is as follows:
  • John, Elder and Sister Moleff will speak on Family History next Sunday in Sacrament Meeting
  • Johns name and calling will be added to the Bulletin
  • Bishop Berry will announce that the Moleffs will teach a Family History lesson next Sunday during Sunday School.
  • The Family History Center will be open on Wednesday afternoon/evenings, and Sunday after the block for 1 1/2 hours for input into Family Search
  • Home Teachers to fill out the My Family booklets and help those they Home Teach to fill out the booklets
Bishop Berry just came back today after being out of town for a month.  Things started to move in Family History with the Bishop here.

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