Saturday, November 15, 2014

Asoke & Bangkapi Family History Events

Elder and Sister Moleff were invited to attend and participated in the following 2-Family History activities:

1.     1)  Bangkok International English Speaking Ward Located at the Asoke Building

Jeff Bridge, FH Consultant, invited ward youth to register on FamilySearch

Brother Bridge, red shirt, instructing youth on FamilySearch

Youth registering and entering data on FamilySearch

Brother Bridge helping youth

Sister Moleff helping youth
Sister Bridge talked about Elder Bednar’s talk “The Time is Now” for the youth to lead in Family History work.

1.     2)  Bangkapi Ward: 
The Bangkapi Thai speaking Ward of the Bangkok Stake held an Open House that featured displays on Baptism, Youth, Primary and Family History.  Dignitaries were invited and there was a ribbon cutting ceremony to enter the Ward Building.

A motorcycle club also came and attended the activities.  Sister Moleffs stepfather and 2-brothers are bikers.  It was all very familiar to her.

Bangkapi Bishopric:  L-t-R:  1st Councelor Somphong Wanna, Bishop Namwong Hongwilai, and 2nd Counselor Jiraboonkit Akarasupharat

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: L-t-R:  Namwong Hongwilai Bankapi Ward Bishop, Phonphum Wipatpumiprathet Past Member of Parliament, Sansoen Prasoetsirikul Police Lieutenant Col., and President Rattamani Seansuwan 1st Councilor to President Senior

1st Speaker on left is Past Member of Parliament Phonphum Wipatpumiprathet

Police Lieutenant Col. Sansoen Prasoetsirikul

Suchat Chaichana, Thailand Public Affairs (PA) Director

President Sangsewan - Counselor in 
Mission Presidency.

The dignitaries were shown the building displays before the general public was invited at the end of the ceremony service.  After the activities, there was plenty of delicious food for all.

A few of the Family History displays are shown below.
Temple Display in Foyer

Restoration Display in Foyer
Display on Temples

Thai Family Pictures

Thai My Family Booklet

Thai My Family Booklet
Sister Maliwan Book on Her Genealogy

A Page Inside Sister Maliwans Genealogy Book

Sister Maliwan (previous Bangkok Stake Family History Director) and Bangkapi Family History Consultant

Family History Presentation at Open House

Bikers were present at ceremony outside the building.  Some attended the ceremonies inside the chapel.

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