Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sunday 19 October 2014 Church History Fireside at the Changwattana Chapel

This Fireside was a historic event. This was the first visit of the Church Historian to Thailand. Church officials sitting on the stand were: Elder and Sister Wong (Second Counselor to Asia
Area Presidency), Elder and Sister Snow (Church Historian), Brother Reed Nielson (Managing Director of History Department), Brother Turley (Assistant to Managing Director), President Sathit Kaiwanwattana (Bangkok North Stake President), President Rittirong Wongsuwan (2nd Counselor Bangkok Stake Presidency), and President Arun Thongmee (Bangkok West District President). President Sathit Kaiwanwattana conducted the meeting. The speakers were as follows:
Brother Reed Nielson: • History of the Restoration began in the Sacred Grove • Church History Department takes care of Sacred Grove – make sure trees grow well • D&C 21:1, There shall be a record kept among you • Keep a record, this is important • Personal revelation, write down the experience • Keep a journal
Brother Turley: • Related how records were kept through time: stone, clay, animal skins, papyrus, metal, 
now digitally • Memories are fragile. “A short pencil is better than a long memory” • Record Spiritual experiences • Don’t know why memories get worse with age – keep a record
Sister Snow: • Write in your journals. 1st generation members are pioneers in their families • Need to share with your families how you came into the church, how you felt, what struggles you had • Write your story • Write your history
Elder Snow: • Music is universal language • As we go through life we can’t rely on past spiritual experiences, we must live so that we
can have new spiritual experiences • Pray – study - serve
Elder Wong: • Sept 2013, President Senior trained on how to become a stake, and now you are a stake • Talked about 3-districts, now there are 2-districts, and soon another stake • Heavenly Father knows the details, of the details, of the details, of our lives – live worthily • Start tonight to keep a journal

Sister Wong, Elder Snow, and President Sathit Kaiwanwattana
Sister Moleff Greeting Sister Snow

Church Member with Sister and Elder Snow

Brother Nielson and Turley

Elder and Sister Wong with Church Member.
October 2014 General Conference, Elder Wong was the first 
to give his talk  in his native language.

Sister Sasithorn (Head of Translation Department at the Service Center) with Sister Moleff

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