Saturday, November 15, 2014

Elder Moleff's 76th Birthday Dinner

Sister Moleff took Elder Moleff to Thailand to celebrate his 76th birthday.
She took him to 1st to the Kamthieng House Museum;
 2nd to the Jim Thompson House & Museum and to lunch,
then to the Central World Plaza Mall for dinner, and, of course, to Swensens for ice cream.
Elder Moleff had a VERY GOOD birthday.  A few photos below:

One of the things that we saw in the Mall was Santa flying around with his reindeer

The Senior Couples stationed at the Service Center helped me celebrate my birthday. 
 Elder Moleff choose to eat at a Thai restaurant - he LOVES Thai food.
Elder Meeker , who served a mission here as a young man, ordered after we told 
him our requests.  The Thai food was served Family Style so that all had a taste 
of the different dishes.  The meal was very good.
L-t-R:  Sister Smith, Sister Ure, Sister Seppi, Sister Meeker, Sister Moleff,

 Elder Moleff, Elder Meeker, Elder Seppi, Elder Ure, and Elder Smith. 
 The Smiths are Public Relations; The Ures aare Humanitarian; The Seppis are PEF;
 The Meekers are the Office Couple and the Moleffs Family History.
A very fine group of people.

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