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Khon Kaen Tri-District Conference

On 18 – 19 October Elder and Sister Moleff attended the Khon Kaen, Udon, and Ubon, Tri-District, conference located in Khon Kaen.  Also on Sunday 19 October, Elder and Sister Moleff attended a Church History Fireside at the Changwattana Chapel.  In addition to serving as a Family History Missionary, Sister Moleff also records the Mission History.

Buses were rented to take members of each district to the conference.  Affordable rooms were rented at police and military establishments to house church members from Saturday evening to Sunday morning

The Saturday session of Conference was held in a large assembly hall in the Ampur Muang Government building.  Internet was not available in the conference hall.  We provided Family History training via Power point presentation.  The Saturday session was presented differently than any other previous district conference session in that booths were prepared that displayed different gospel topics.  The object was that a group of members would move from booth to booth to receive the gospel message prepared for a particular booth.  Family History shared its booth with one on the Endowment.  Lunch and dinner were provided by church members.

A Cultural Program followed the Saturday Session of Conference.

NOTE:  We talked with Elder and Sister Singley, and they support establishing a FH Center in Vientiane, Laos.

Saturday 18 October 2014 Session of Tri-District Conference

Our Family History Booth Backdrop designed by Wisan Manager of Service Center and make by non-member in Khon Kaen.

Our Family History Booth

Sister Wan Interpreting for Elder Moleff.  The fan displayed behind Elder Moleff was made for him at the Umbrella & Fan Company in Chiang Mai.  It is his fan chart as displayed on FamilySearch hand painted on silk.
Sister Wan Doing A Family History Presentation

Endowment Booth

Priesthood Booth

Self Reliance and PEF Booth.  Elder Sepi Speaking.

Thailand 5000 Booth.  Goal is for 5000 to Attend Sacrament Meeting

President Senior Doing the Thailand 5000 Presentation.  
Thailand 5000 is a goal to have 5000 members attend church on 21 December 2014, 
group pictures will be taken after church that day.

There was a cultural event held Saturday evening.
these next pictures are of the dancers from various communities in the Districts.     

Thai Dancers. 
 Sister Moleff had her picture taken with these dancers and the finger decorations.

Notice the One in the Middle out of Uniform
Sister Moleff and Sepi at a park in Khon Kaen

Sunday 19 October 2014 Session of Tri-District Conference

The Sunday session of conference was held at the Charoenthani Khonkaen Hotel where Elder 
and Sister Moleff stayed during district conference. The president authority was Elder Gong
Asia Area President with Elder Khanakham (Area Seventy), and President Senior 

(Mission President) being present.

The conference consolidated the Khon Kaen, Udon, and Ubon districts into the Udon, and 
Ubon districts with the Khon Kaen district being eliminated. The paperwork to create the 
Ubon Stake will be submitted by the end of 2014; and the Udon stake in June 2015. 
New district presidencies and a reorganized mission presidency were sustained.
Photographs are as follows:

Elder Khanakham Conducting.
Elder Khanakham is the first Area Seventy from Thailand. 
He was sustained in April 2014 General Conference
Elder Gong Presiding.  
Asia Area President.
President Wongsagong his interpreter also President of the Udon Disrtict.

Old Udon, Khon Kaen, and Ubon Districts

New Udon and Ubon District

New Ubon District Presidency:  1st Counselor Prawit Soyson;  President Amporn Parapan; 
 2nd Counselor Siridech Sirisukprasert

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  1. 1st Counselor Prawit Soyson. Hi Elder Prwit Soyson. I am very happy to see you in website. It had been long time and hope everyone in Thailand have good time. Many love from USA. I hope you remember your friend Plaa. Thank you for being strong in church. Say Hi to your family. Somsong Jarman (Plaa)